Capitalist Ideology and the Kingdom

The problem with a capitalist ideology is not that it’s capitalist.  Rather, it’s that it’s ideology.  Capitalism isn’t perfect, but no system developed is, and we can argue about which one is better.  But ideology is a social system of signs that disguise the inherent problems of the system.  This is an inherent problem in our government in which the primary parties are pure ideological.  There’s no concern for the problems within each party’s propositions, because they have to sell them to the American public.  And the American public itself is equally, and probably more so, ideological than Congress.  The fault is not in our stars…

In Christianity too, we have too much kingdom ideology.  We must seek to distinguish kingdom ideology from Kingdom of God ideology and equally from the material practices of the Kingdom of God.  Ultimately, we must practice the Kingdom of God, immediately.  Not because it’s the correct ideology, but because such material practices embody Jesus.  And that the material practices belonged to Jesus ought to be enough to set us free from the hard and soft authoritarian ideologies of kingdoms.  Otherwise, what are we proclaiming?

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One thought on “Capitalist Ideology and the Kingdom

  1. What do we understand of kings? What’s our experience? Neither the smallness and short livedness of ancient kingdoms, nor the selfish arbitrariness. Wait, that sounds like modern corporate CEOs other than our freedom to leave them.

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